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I was trying to get information on the product and ingredients etc. before I made the purchase- well I received messages from them "you should not base your life choices on a strangers recommendation base it on your own thoughts" ummmm ok.

Then I saw in the groups there was a woman who was asking for tips because she was having issues with their HUB and how to follow the directions- Well the response was" your not the kind of person we want to see in here- you are negative and you are ban" boom done! She was gone......

I am so confused - tried contacting people that said locally they were on it and got nothing but a link to the main page with a note- I am new to it too...... Funny they are listed as having been on it for 2 yrs???

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Please save yourself money and a possible bowel obstruction. Don't buy into this guy's scam.

Eat healthy, exercise, and use a food log/tracker. Its all about output vs. input. There is NO such thing as a miracle pill or regimen that will work overnight.

It take months, sometimes year to reach your goals.

This guy has ZERO medical training..


Welcome to Don Juravin. Do not ask questions of the all powerful DON!! He shall BANISH thee!!


Do not go anywhere near it


Be careful! The ingredients are nothing more than industrial food thickening will lose weight per Don Juravin if you excercise, reduce caloric intake and drink tons of water anyways.

Shocked? Not me, he admitted in his deposition that he scares people into thinking that if they don’t use his product, the next stop will be surgery. This guy is nothing more than an internet con.

artist with no medical training.

Google Adi Juravin, Adi Jorbin, Don Karl Juravin. It will open your eyes to his scams.

to Concerned Weight Loss Dr #1388362



Read the reviews on Juravin and the lawsuit, FTC VS. ROCA LABS and DON JURAVIN, Personally.

The government got him to admit his product was fake in a deposition which you can read online. Don’t waste your money, go to a real weight loss professional with actual medical training instead of this clown, Juravin.

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