Roca Labs - Tricked after cancellation and order shipped anyway....

Update by user Jun 14, 2017

Now I am being threatened with a suit for defamation. I am telling the truth.

This product made me sick and I have documentation of the cancelation. I never confirmed or agreed to the terms.

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2017
I read about some of his shenanigans after I ordered and when he sent me a confirmation via text to sign I cancelled. He shipped it after cancellation and I knew I had to keep it because of the no returns policy. So from the beginning I am suckered in. So I figured I would try it. After 4 days of diarrhea, nausea, weakness, headache, dehydration and dizziness I became sick. I stopped use on the 5th day. I contacted PayPal where my payment went through. Had I not opened it and returned it due to my cancellation and shipment anyway they would have returned my money. I was duped and lost $550 due to my lack of knowledge. This man should be put out of business for making false claims. This product will make you sick.
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Don't buy this, it is a scam. This will not work and can make you sick!


Who in *** would want to buy this *** and submit to mental torture by some crazy foreigner?


Anyone not using their product please contact me I would be interested in buying, I o would like to try it.


Are you crazy? You should read up on this stuff!

Roca admitted the stuff does nothing for you.

Eat less, drink lots of water and excercise, and guess what???? You lose weight, period without ingesting common household ingredients that have been coloured a nasty pink


Don't worry about this loser who is a broke dead beat. This guy cannot afford any new lawsuit as there are tons of lawsuits and personal judgments against him for millions!

Google his name and see what you get!!


I would not worry a bit with him threatening to sue you. First of all, he has failed on every occasion when he has done this. Second, he is on the *** of bankruptcy with the IRS judgment against him for over one million dollars, not mention the fact that the government is going to get another judgment against him personally for over $25 million dollars.

The guy is an *** who has run out of time and money.


Thanks for the reassurance. I am thinking he is trying to scare me so I don't say anything more about what I experienced.


Read the reviews Blootoo and don't worry a bit about this known scammer. He is a broke blow hard who NO one trusts or believes.


He is now threatening suit for defamation even after I have given him documentation to prove cancelation and it is true that this product made me very sick.


I am happy to share more info on this forum should you need any more comfort as to why this *** presents no threat.

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Roca Labs - Shipping Service Review

My name is Denise Blackmon i place an order with your company when will i get it please and thank you i had to use my daughter email address and her address is blackmon031891@***.com just to place that order and my email address is mckelton_d@***.com
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Google Don Juravin a.k.a. Adi Juravin and Roca Labs. That will tell you everything about these nut cases


did u get it? how long did it take if you did???

i ordered mines and it said it will be here around jan 3rd but I saw that it was having a lot of back orders that could possibly take weeks. and I'm really just rambling to make 50 words to be able to post this comment, I just want to know the answer of the first two questions lol


Do NOT deal with this man! He called means for me to work for him and I didn't get my full pay! He talks down to women calls them *** and thinks he is a God please please please do not deal with him.

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