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I purchased the Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery procedure over 4.5 months ago.Since I began on my weight loss journey I lost a total of 87lbs.

I am happy for the weight loss but very disappointed in the loose skin! They need to warn people that sagging skin is a side effect of their product. The doctor explained that since I lost the weight so fast it caused my skin to become loose.

Well I bought Roca Labs to avoid surgery and now the doctor is telling me I may need surgery to remove the loose UGLY sagging skin from my weight loss.

It just doesn't seem fair and I think this company needs to warn their customers.When I called to complain they told me that it was my fault because I lost to fast!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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With any weight loss you have to tone loose skin. Start strength training along with cardio and it will take care of most loose skin. Congrats on your weight loss so far!


Organ a

Shut your mouth!Leave the girl alone.

She has done extremely well to achieve such a lot of weight loss. Anonymous, well done! I hope you find an answere to the loose skin. Excercise won't help with loose skin, however, it will tone muscles & help keep you fit.

Next time diet with Isagenic way.

The programme is focused on not just weight loss but also health & regeneration of tissues.I have just ordered the Roca but I will include the Isagenic programme to see it does the same for me ( registered nurse) For any enquires for Isagenic contact: jgdianne@icloud.com

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1036216

You would have that loose skin with any diet slow or fast.It depends on age, health & how much body fat you have.

My 35 yr daughter has worse than your picture from expanding during pregnancy alone.(Registered Nurse)


You loss weigh so fast after being heavy How long?Your body can't take up your skin that fast.

With some exercise helps, some people need surgery to remove excess skin.

I would love your problem.Gastric Bypass patient in the past.


You will have loose skin after losing a lot of weight.If you had Bari artic surgery you would have loose and sagging skin.

You will probably need to have a tummy tuck.

This is usually the next step after losing a large amount of weight.Roca Labs is not at fault.


Omg that would a happened with gastric too also did u exercise lol and if ur quite large it is a given lol

Oro Valley, Arizona, United States #960488

Of course your skin will get saggy where is it going to go its like having a child you need to work out thats what you should of been doing in the beginning never to late but you got to know what fitness program works for your issues that makes a difference hope this helps.

Inman, South Carolina, United States #936311

Oh my, isn't this terrible!That photo is horrible; I can just imagine the loose saggy skin hanging off your upper arms.

Why it must look like you have Bat Wings! And your thighs, does the loose skin hang down over your knees? Ewwww. What about your neck, does it look like a Turkey's neck?

You know all that loose warty skin? Oh wait, I forgot your buttocks - are they loose too? Gee, it must be terrifying when you have to wipe yourself, I mean just think about all that tissue getting stuck in saggy skin folds as you try to clean yourself off. Ewwww.

Losing all that weight certainly ruined your life, didn't it? And the company that performed the Gastric Bypass never advised you on the consequences of losing weight? None of their Doctors told you at all? What about your own Doctor, did he mention it?

My, my. Have you ever watched any of the Reality Television shows on Weight loss? I'm asking because most of those shows tell how excess skin shows up after extreme weight loss. I remember one gal she had over 80 pounds of excess skin hanging off of her body.

They had a photo of her in a two piece bathing suit and by golly,she looked like a monster! The poor woman had lost over 300 lbs and now she was grotesque. But they did like three separate surgeries to remove the excess skin, and now she looks like a Beauty Queen, a Movie Star, she's absolutely Gorgeous!

So you shouldn't really be discouraged.

Losing all...

But, if you really don't like it, just go on an eating binge to gain all that weight back.

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to Oriana Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #960493

She you know how to make somebody feel great with all those outrageous comments you must be clueless about asking those dum questions anytime you lose weight not everthing becomes saggy Incorage and be more senative with your opinions and lack of knowledge.

to Oriana #990234

You are a very rude person, you shouldn't say that to her, she may already feel bad enough and you want to say that being an a++ shame on you >:(

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