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My husband found the Roca labs site while doing a weight loss search, you see I was ready to have gastric bypass surgery and he was afraid of what could go wrong. I suffering with bing eating all my life was convinced this would never work but I set my mind to seriously try it for one last thing before surgery.

I noticed immediately taking the formula my hunger cravings were gone resulting naturally in less eating. When I started I weighed 325 lbs, I averaged to lose 25 lbs a month for approx 6 months. I resulted in gaining more energy with the extra weight gone and began walking. Something I haven't done in years.

I also continued to see my family doctor throughout and am happy to report my blood pressure decreased enough to be taken off blood pressure medication. Roca labs helped me lose the weight I needed to get a more what I would like to say productive lifestyle back, I now participate in activities I avoided for years.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1036102

I am desperate to lose weight, but I don't have money to throw away. p-lease let me know if this is really a doable weight program.

you see I am diabetic and I am going to die if I don't do something about me weight. I have tried everything out ther I think over the years. I also was gonna have the surgery when I fumbled on the rocalabs non surgery weight loss.

please let me know if this really is a dream come true. thank you.


You stated in your review that you suffered from binge eating. Was this due to underlying psychological problems or just didn't feel full?

I'm the same way and I'm scared I'm going to spend the money, lose weight, but after I'm done with it go back to overeating because I never have the feeling of being full.

Do you feel you were in the same position but this helped you over come that? I really need help losing weight!


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