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If we like it or not.... this man or woman from Canada is RIGHT.

BTW, we do offer 14 days guarantee which you can find here:

If you check this one out, you will be able to understand how difficult the weight reduction process is

Thanks to the Canadian.

I have yet to try this so I currently have no opinion about this company or their product... However, those of you talking about wanting guarantees is retarded.

You cannot at all have a Guarentee when your product solely relies on the willpower and determination of the customer to achieve the results. Everyone is different and every body is different. There is no miracle diet, there is no get skinny quick fix. There are only tools, systems and people that can aid those WANTING to get healthy and lose weight.

Like this company and every other company, they're here to assist the process. And the price is not horrible. I've been on other diets that cost significantly more each month. If the customer service is the problem (from what I'm reading), *** about it here won't solve anything.

Try the BBB, or other places where they will take proper action of there really is a problem with getting money back, etc. Also, bear in mind that no company on the planet is OBLIGATED to give you your money back (unless specifically outlined and agreed before hand). Should they? Morally, yes.

But once a service or product is provided it is up to the discretion of the company/owner as to whether or not they want to refund your money. Common sense people. Also, don't blame the company for you not speaking to your doctor prior to seeing if the ingredients and diet are right for you.


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