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Dear Sir or Madam from Calgary, if you are a real customer and feel that you have not been served well enough, let us make it up to you so please login to or email us and mention PC++ as a code ❥. Roca Labs support is available almost 24/7 around the clock. We answer customers within hours. We have great customer service and we LOVE our customers.

It looks like you really tried hard and something was still wrong. It happens. Let us help you achieve healthy weight. Please read the new

Writing here "anonymously" as a "customer" is something that our competitors do. Please identify so we can help you. We love helping our customers and we constantly improving. Let us make it up to you... if you are real.

This product sucks. It's expensive, horrible to drink & doesn't do nothing.

Let alone the horrible customer care you get from the staff.

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New York, New York, United States #915852

Dear PissedConsumer User:

Not everyone believes you should have the right to express yourself about the companies who take your hard-earned money for their products and services. Roca Labs certainly does not.

Please read on to learn about the legal campaign Roca Labs is undertaking to punish consumers who complain about its products.

Roca Labs is doing whatever it can to identify former customers and others who have posted their comments here so it can take legal action against them to prevent them from expressing themselves and informing other consumers about their experiences. PissedConsumer is fighting the actions of Roca Labs in the courts. Our attorneys have filed papers in two different states demonstrating that the law prohibits these actions by Roca Labs. But Roca Labs is not waiting for a ruling – it is suing customers to shut down their speech and, if possible, obtain “damages” to intimidate others from speaking.

Roca Labs seems likely continue to sue customers who speak out until a judge stops them.

We hope that happens soon, but it may take months to obtain a ruling. We cannot provide legal advice or representation to users, however. Therefore, you may wish to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about a review you have posted here.

Your lawyer may contact us via

You should also review our takedown policy at to inform yourself as to what measures you can take to voluntarily request the removal of your own PissedConsumer review, if you wish to do so.

Click here for important news to Roca Labs reviewers on PissedConsumer: PissedConsumer Team


The post is written in very a good manner and it entails many useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept.



Hears a warning!!! I ended up in emerg with an intestinal blockage from this stuff...and yes I followed the directions to a T!! My DR was shocked that I would fall for am I frankly!!



This notice is from Roca Labs (the “Company”) and is an attempt to communication with you regarding your anonymous posting on this website. We will be seeking a court order to obtain your name and contact information if you do not reply to this notice.

The Company has thousands of satisfied customers who achieved their weight loss goals and changed their lives with our products (see If you are an actual purchaser of any product from the Company, we are sorry that you did not have a great experience. However, we believe that your review violates the terms and conditions ( of your purchase. We hereby give you notice of your breach of the purchase agreement and demand that you IMMEDIATELY cure your breach by removing this posting.

Roca Labs has been harmed by your posting and will hold you financially responsible for any damages that we suffer.

In addition, we believe that your posting contains blatantly false, malicious, defamatory, libelous and slanderous statements. We have suffered great financial harm by these statements and we will seek damages if you do not retract these statements.

If you are not a customer and are pretending to be one, be advised that we have been injured by your blatantly false, malicious, defamatory, libelous and slanderous statements. We have suffered great financial harm by these statements and we will seek damages if you do not retract these statements.

Please contact us immediately at to resolve this matter. The Company will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect our rights.

Our goal is to resolve this problem without litigation, and hope that you will immediately contact the Company.

to Legal Team Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #867742

Anyone who is harassed by this legal team should contact Paul Levy at the Public Citizen Litigation Group. He may be able to help.

Another potential source of help would be EFF.

Paul Alan Levy

Public Citizen Litigation Group

1600 - 20th Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20009

(202) 588-1000 I have seen him repeatedly eat "Legal Team" lunches.

to Legal Team #954237

I am confused is it illegal to let others know your experience?????? I am actually in the process as we speak of ordering this product but if I have a bad experience I would like to share with others my opinion .


Really, your wife accidentally tossed your package in the trash and you blame the company? How does that make sense?

You did not even try the stuff and you are giving a bad review and calling it a scam, why? Did you expect them to send you out more for free? Do us a favor and comment when you have something that will actually contribute. I have actually tried this stuff.

A friend of mine used it and lost 36 pounds. She gave me some to try.

It wasn't the best tasting stuff but it did give me a full feeling after ingesting it.

to Sherry #842727

I couldn't agree more with Sherry. It's very *** of you to blame the company for something that isn't their fault.

Your wife threw the product in the trash and you're chasing and blaming the company. I honestly don't get ppls sometimes. If, for example you by and expensive watch and you lose it or you kid smashes it...will you go after the company who made the watch and force them to give you another one for free? I don't think so.

This sounds like one of those stories kids tell to their teacher when they didn't do their homework. They say that the dog ate their homework.

to Kenny #874011

I bought a watch charm from Tiffany & Co. It fell off my bracelet the first time I wore it.

Tiffany replaced it for me even though it wasn't their fault because the clasp could have been faulty and they wanted a happy customer. Some companies do care about their customers.

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #837106

This is directly from BBB site

Advertising Review

On May 18, 2011, BBB requested that the business substantiate advertising claims made regarding products offered on its website .

BBB requested substantiation for the following claims:

1 "creates an immediate gastric bypass effect: only 20% of your stomach volume will be available for food/calorie intake, forcing you to eat 50% less and lose weight from day one!"

2."Safer and healthier than gastric bypass." 3."The formula is probably the strongest and fastest method in the world to lose weight, with a 90% success rate." BBB reviewed the response provided by the business. Roca Labs is a special Formula designed to create a "gastric bypass effect" or "gastric bypass results" without the need for a gastric bypass surgery.

Statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Formula does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This food supplement should be taken with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Consuming the Formula(s) without sufficient liquid may cause choking or other complications.

Do not consume or use the Formula if you have difficulty in swallowing. Consult your doctor before buying/using the Formula, especially if you have ever had any medical and/or health related condition. All purchases are governed by our Terms Page. This site is using visualization and persuasion that we consider appropriate to psychologically aid users in the important process of weight loss.

Some of these efforts utilize paid actors. The information on this site supersedes any verbal information received from sales agents via phone or elsewhere. Support for our claims are on the Research page and are supplied by our users, as seen on YouTube. The use of the term "gastric bypass", and any other similar terminology, is meant only to illustrate the desired effect of the Formula which consists of herbs/food supplements.

The various logos displayed on our site belongs to their respective trade mark holders and do not imply any endorsement.

Business has not provided clinical trials for the product. What is BBB Advertising Review?


Run from this company. They are preying on desperate people, like me.

I am 56 obese and have many health problems as a result.

Here is what happened to me. I got my kit and opened it to make sure everything was in it. It was.

I travel for a living and did not have time to read everything and start the program before I left, so I planned to start when I got back.

To my surprise, my wife went on a cleaning streak and that the box was empty with packing materials in it so she put it in the recycle bin and it got taken away as trash.

I contacted Roca labs and a few days later was told that they would replace it at the reorder price of $285.00 but only after I payed the remaining two payments. Or in other words, the did not even flinch at not trying help me out.

Let me tell you that $450.00 for a few pounds of their magical powder has to be a scam. Shame on me for being an Ahole once again.

The real tip off was the letter they put on the top of the packing as you open it.

It is a threatening letter that tells you how they will sue you and ruin your credit if you do not pay the remaining two payments. After reading some reviews ( which I usually but did not do first this time ) I am glad that I did not ingest their snake oil.

to Roadwarrior.db #837306

Roadwarrior sorry to hear about your loss, but here is what I think. You received the product, you opened it and you left it there and you wife "cleared the area".

Why is this the company's fault? I don't get it! From your story you and your wife are responsible for this. You because you just left the product in the box (as I understand) and your wife because she didn't check what's in the box and she simply threw it away.

You could at least take it out of the box and put in somewhere in the kitchen or wherever and ask your wife not to touch it.

For example...if your wife kept her jewels in some box and you throw it away by accident, you will go after the jeweler to give your wife another ring or whatever jewel you threw out?! Makes no sense!

to Christopher #1026270

Correct...I think he still has the product myself. Why did he order it anyway if had all theses health problems?


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