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I didn't lose weight like they promised lost a lot of money for a bogus product was not very impressed with it to begin with i wish i could get my money back

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Hi all, Misty’s comments below are total BS. “Misty” from Texas is a front for the new person writing PR postingsfor Roca Labs and Don Juravin.

“Misty” has set up numerous different accounts on using different accounts using similar animal names as the account name.

Don’t fall for this con job as they are being flushed down the toilet by the US Government for ripping off thousands of people.Look it up on under gastric bypass alternative reviews and look to the right of each glowing post if you don’t believe me. Also review comments praising Juravin in all the posts as well.


I found great results and DON KARL JURAVIN acts as a GOD for me. He saved my life.If any one is saying that he or she has not got the results then it may be the case that they havent followed the course properly.I advise you to try once more and check the beautiful results that I have experienced.

I have lost over 100 pounds in 6 weeks. The result is incredible.

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