This is how I lost 215 lbs using Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Effect (NO surgery). I have reduced my weight by 215 lb (from 420 lb to 205 lb) and I am on my way to achieve healthy weight of 180 lb.

I was a teen weighing 420 lb when I started this amazing weight reduction journey. I tried all possible methods to reduce my weight and they did not work. I considered also all bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric banding, Lap-Band, etc. I found out that these bariatric surgeries are risky and expensive.Roca Labs helped me overcome my craving for sweets and snack and simply eat half.

I know that gastric sleeve and lap-band or gastric bypass also make you eat small quantities by neither of these bariatric surgeries help you diminish cravings like this regimen. I applied for the Roca Labs regimen, was approved and the rest you can watch in my testimonial. Watch the video and I believe that you can do it too. It is possible to reduce your weight as a teen and change your life for the better.

Does Roca Labs really work? I am a living proof that Roca Labs WORKS and for me it is a true Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE. From size 4XL to size L in 2 years and from jeans size 50 to size 36. I hope to soon fit size 32 which is my final goal.

I feel healthy and my doctors are AMAZED by Roca Labs and my achievement with it.I offer my help to anyone, especially young people, who want to change their life and achieve healthy weight.

https://www.facebook.com/Teen.Healthy.Weight Bry M. (MA)

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