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Don Karl Juravin, owner of Roca Labs and Gastric Bypass Alternative NO surgery has been busted again by the Fraud Busters Team for writing fake reviews again. When you read a positive review on him or his company, don't believe it for a New York minute, he or one of his wife wrote it and more than likely paid for it.

Please note the first two items posted above. Pic 1 is supposedly from a customer praising him as a her "mentor" and "amazing inventor". Please note pic 2 taken directly from his website where you see the testimonial which has been proven to be a paid testimonial. Pic 3 is a funny one.

This an excerpt of a testimonial for his website that was posted by him as being from the "land of Moses and Jesus of Nazerath" and "he has more in common with these religious icons than just a sacred birthplace. He is regularly hearalded as a miracle worker". It goes on to say that he "is regularly showered with praise" and " for inventing, promoting and operating the gastric bypass alternative ".

Give me an F' ING break. Don't fall for this scam artist and his crew.

Reason of review: Fake reviews.

Monetary Loss: $10.

I didn't like: Product is useless, Don karl juravin lies, Fake reviews.

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He’s busted alright. He just filed a sham bankruptcy again. Maybe he will change his name again after this fiasco.


Going to jail...


The federal judge in his case is holding him in contempt of court for lying about selling frozen assets. What a scammer


This guy just got busted by the Feds again for hiding bank accounts that he was supposed to report! Wow! How many times until they just arrest him?!!??



BUSTED! This clown is a bankrupt fool and pathological liar.


Very, very bad guy. Anyone he comes in contact with should avoid him at all costs as he is truly certifiable and quite warped. I am surprised he has not been deported yet.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #1341134

Hahahahaha! That's some funny ***! You guys are nailing this guy so hard!

Tampa, Florida, United States #1340049

I applaud the bravery of every person who are writing these reviews and not putting up with what this guy has done to everyone. Theses reviews are truthful as I know Don Juravin and in the business.

Take my word for it, you don't know the half of it.

But anyways, keep up the good works and go to real weight loss professionals. God Bless

London, England, United Kingdom #1337127

I love pic three!!! What an ego!

Costa Mesa, California, United States #1336406

Thanks for the review! My wife almost signed up for this plan and glad we discovered these reviews


Oh, look I can remain anonymous too! Clearly the plan was not for you, that was your choice.

Clearly you never tried the product or did not apply the lifestyle changes required by the rules. I only feel sorry for the 10 people who found this to be helpful! They are now misguided. You, however, are spreading lies.

You are using this post as spam.

I am a GBA user & it works for me. I love GBA!!

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1336394

You apparently don't read the court documents where he admitted the product was fake and he faked the studies. How gullible are you?

to Anonymous Bellevue, Washington, United States #1336578

Look, this is clearly the person who wrote the review so doesn't mean that your review is spam because you got paid for this, and it is clearly an ADVERTISEMENT for products that have been proven fakes, right?????

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1348617

How is showing the truth with facts "spreading lies"? Are you insinuating the FTC and IRS are lying?

What would their end game be in doing that?

The fact of the matter is the only people that would be upset over the truth are both those that were suckers, and the scammers that made A LOT of money duping the suckers.

You obviously did not read anything about this case. Quite frankly, the findings should absolutely outrage you if you truly are a customer.

to Anonymous #1404174

Oh, look, people are anonymous because this t.o.o.l. sues everyone that disagrees with him and doesn't become a brainless drone.

He bans anyone who questions him or his "products". He is an absolute s.c.u.m.b.a.g. and I'm sorry your too blind to see that. Don't believe me?

Ask him some serious questions about the FTC or IRS. Ask him where the proof is to combat what the FTC has shown. Get ready to be banned.

Until you can see the facts, you are the one spreading lies. You are the spam.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #1336205

Go fraud busters!

Tampa, Florida, United States #1335234

Lol!!! This is funny what you guys keep writing about this sociopath!

I used to work for this monkey and he was so mean to everyone. He deserves it!

to Anonymous #1352446

So I tried this product in the hopes that it would work. Yeah right.

It does curb your appetite though, because after following the instructions and consuming that plastic, rubbery ***, I was sick for two days. Vomiting every hour or so, so yep it curbed my appetite all right, and I actually lost 4 lbs. Not the way I want to lose weight. I just can't believe that this Don Juravin, whatever his name is is still in business.

Why would you trust a product from someone who doesn't even have a customer service line. I was dumb, but I will ALWAYS warn people about this guy! I wish they would try to sue me. Go ahead.

Looks like the government already banned you from doing that. Karma is a *** though!

to Anonymous #1438965

Me too.

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