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Folks, the end on this internet scammer is finally coming nearer as last month Don Juravin aka Adi Jorbin (Convicted in Israel 2005) filed bankruptcy on his beloved and quite the scam front company, Roca Labs. Well, not so fast Juravin and your not so genius lawyer Glenn Ried of guys forgot that Juravin is being sued personally as well as all of his other bogus company fronts like Must Cure Obesity Co.

and Roca Labs Nutriciticals, LLC. Guys, a little hint, Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors are not dumb people by any stretch, and oh, neither is the IRS. Their judgments extend to everything he owns and is connected with. They (Juravin & Glenn Reid) may have bought him a month or two of breathing room by filing this bogus bankruptcy filing, but Don Juravin aka Adi Jorbin; they have you by the balls and they will keep squeezing and people here in America are sick of being ripped off.

Don’t pay for fake weight loss products any longer folks. Go see a professional instead of an internet C*N MAN with zero medical training who changes his name every time he gets convicted.

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We have heard that he may be leaving the country. Good riddance as far as we are concerned


After reading all of these reviews and seeing so many documents from the public record uploaded proves to me that I should stay away from buying into this SCAM!

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