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Don Juravin, the "inventor" of the useless "Gastric Bypass Alternative" - No Surgery SCAM, got busted in 2014 for faking celebrity endorsements, namely, Alfonso Ribeiro and Tommy Chong. I know what your thinking, strange choices.

But I suppose at the time they (or at least Ribeiro) were gaining a bit of notoriety for appearing in "Dancing with the Stars", so perhaps that's why he picked them. Ribeiro was photo shopped holding a container of the scam product, and appearing to endorse its claims. In an article for Ars Technica, Megan Geuss stated the following; "Juravin claimed in his affidavit that he bought a $5.99 subscription to in order to post a positive review. He went on to allege that his subscription was "canceled" and his positive review removed for being in favor of Roca Labs.

"My post complied with all the Terms and Conditions of but was blocked because will not allow positive information to come forward. Despite its representations, Opinion Corp. and do not want consumers to have the ability to make informed decisions, but merely want to provide false, misleading and defamatory information about Roca Labs." Funny that he sued this site for providing false, misleading and defamatory information, when he was ACTIVELY deceiving people with fake reviews from celebrities. This guy does not have a shred of self-awareness, and constantly shows his own hypocrisy.

You cannot trust anything this guy says. Do you see legit companies have these issues? NO? Why?

Because they are actually legitimate companies that aren't trying to scam you!

DO NOT fall for it! Do research on him, and all the serious legal issues he's embroiled in!

Reason of review: Scam.

I didn't like: Don karl juravin lies, Scam, Fakers, Don juravin lies, Roca labs lies.

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Why do you say such things about such a great man who brought us his amazing invention from the Holy Land? Praise Don Karl Juravin our great leader who like Jesus is being persecuted for his AMAZING invention and his divine pronouncements.

to Kelly Jo Princeton Junction, New Jersey, United States #1354038

Hey Don, whoops, I mean Kelly. Come back to earth.

You know your a liar. How could you possibly place yourself along Jesus you hypocrite.

IF you want to get biblical about it, he (you) is/are more like the pharisees. Lying to try to keep your prominence and money.

Misleading others and making ridiculous claims in an attempt to cover up his own deceptions. Always trying to convince people of his "holiness" while attacking the ones who actually expose his lies with the truth.

Or perhaps he's similar to the merchants Jesus whipped in the temple. Using shady business practices and trying to make money off of honest people.

But quite frankly, ALL OF THIS is ABSURD.

It comes down to the truth and facts. It's all in the investigation.

Its all over the internet.

Any sane individual would look at these posts and see that either Don Juravin has a few screws loose or the people who post replies like this do.

to Mike #1404157

(mic drop) Juravin, you got TORCHED!!!hahaha

to Kelly Jo Princeton Junction, New Jersey, United States #1354043

One more thing Kelly (Don).

Juravin keeps aligning himself with Moses and Jesus. Have you forgotten that they gave up their chance at wealth in pursuit of following God and goodness?

Unlike Juravin, they didn't lie and scam people for a profit.

They didn't live in mansions with expensive cars.

And IF Juravin was truly a religious man, he would know that comments like "divine pronouncements" and placing himself with Jesus border on blasphemy.


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