Please read the documents downloaded from the US Middle Distrct of Florida Federal Court whereby Roca Labs and it's owner Don Karl Juravin admitted to their Gastric Bypass Alternative with no surgery products to be a total sham and hoax upon consumers. He admitted in court testimony that he had to "trick" his "fat customers " into buying his product.

He also was forced to admit that his product was basically useless because his "fat customers" were going to lose weight anyways if he could convince them to fast for 16 hours, drink a lot of water and excercise. He admitted to tricking them as you will see on the screen shots below to fake testimonials with YouTube and Vimeo channels, faked written blogs to support Facebook and google ads and fake customers giving testimonials in those videos. Additionally please note that he lied about having a medical background and scientific evidence backing up his claims. The only Doctor that worked for them was a disgraced pediatric neurologist who lost his license for possession of child *** and testified he never even tested or used Roca Labs product.

Now the Feds have Don Karl Juravin by the proverbial balls with a $25 million dollar personal judgement by noting in the screenshot provided. The US Government is holding him personally liable for all his scamming.

The IRS has a personal judgement on him as well for around $1 million dollars. Don't be another sucker and get taken by this guy who has zero medical training.

Reason of review: Scam on consumers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Roca Labs Cons: Don karl juravin lying, Withholding info on government indictments, Falsified reports, Fake products and fake reviews.

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I got taken by these guys when I called and asked to return it even though I did not use any of it, they said NO! All BS I think as I was told it was custom made for me... I am calling BULL *** and I am pissed


Great review! My hat is off to the person who is exposing this scam perpetrated by Roca Labs and weight loss quack Don Juravin. Keep up the good work!


*** I love this review! This reviewer obviously did his homework in exposing this scam


What a beautiful review. What else can one say?


What a fake. I want my *** money back.


I googled this guy and the company for my mom who has some weight issues. Jeez, how is this company still in business when they have been caught? I don't think I have seen one good review on them


I won't be buying this ***. I watched some of their videos and it was funny how scripted they were. What a joke this guy Don Juravin is.."the ineventor"


This review changed my mind, thanks!!


Has anyone heard anything about a possible class action lawsuit against Roca and Juravin to get our $ back???? Please write if you have ,




I will join a class action suit if I can! Screw these scammers


I just googled this because one of his ads popped up... I am so glad I googled this...holy ***, that could have been an expensive mistake


Finally he got caught, I don't see him getting out of this one so easily. Bad guy for the industry


Ha! I love this guy Juravin, I read these papers and the dumb *** actually admitted it was fake.... what a ***


Scam, scam, scam


Well that reply summed it up for me. The US Government needs to deport this guy somewhere without an internet connection


Worst thing I have ever done. I needed real help and got nothing but scorn once I bought the package.

My Dr says he looked into it and told me it was a fake.

I am now on a real program that works! Please be careful and do not fall for this internet scam


lol...just by his comments, you can tell he tries to scam. He bans anyone that comments back to him. he makes it that you havery to so call qualify...EVERYONE does as he wants the money honey..


What program

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