Please read the documents downloaded from the US Middle Distrct of Florida Federal Court whereby Roca Labs and it's owner Don Karl Juravin admitted to their Gastric Bypass Alternative with no surgery products to be a total sham and hoax upon consumers. He admitted in court testimony that he had to "trick" his "fat customers " into buying his product.

He also was forced to admit that his product was basically useless because his "fat customers" were going to lose weight anyways if he could convince them to fast for 16 hours, drink a lot of water and excercise. He admitted to tricking them as you will see on the screen shots below to fake testimonials with YouTube and Vimeo channels, faked written blogs to support Facebook and google ads and fake customers giving testimonials in those videos. Additionally please note that he lied about having a medical background and scientific evidence backing up his claims. The only Doctor that worked for them was a disgraced pediatric neurologist who lost his license for possession of child *** and testified he never even tested or used Roca Labs product.

Now the Feds have Don Karl Juravin by the proverbial balls with a $25 million dollar personal judgement by noting in the screenshot provided. The US Government is holding him personally liable for all his scamming.

The IRS has a personal judgement on him as well for around $1 million dollars. Don't be another sucker and get taken by this guy who has zero medical training.

Reason of review: Scam on consumers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Roca Labs Cons: Don karl juravin lying, Withholding info on government indictments, Falsified reports, Fake products and fake reviews.

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These guys are running a total ripoff operation selling fake *** to vulnerable people and telling them that God talks to him so he can control them...what a carpet bagger charlatan!


This idiot is in a lot of trouble. Good luck loser!


Why do any of you believe this BS. A sucker born every day


Just think I was going to order this product. I'm so glad I read the reviews.


I used to work for this slime ball and he made all of that *** he sold for big money in his dirty garage that was full of roaches and animal ***. Total pathological liar and sociopath.


I'm out and won't have the wool thrown over my eyes


Wow...what else can one say? This says it all. Moving on.


Not shocked by this review. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Good review. Well presented and true.

I am in the weight loss business and this man is a one man wrecking ball for credibility in the industry. The government needs to shut this loser down.


I found them as a Facebook group and was completely creeped out by this man Don Karl Juravin who claims he has invented miracle weight loss products??!! I found him to be a complete ego maniac and pretty much full of ***


I love this review! This guy is a broke dead beat who harms people and takes advantage of them by toying with their emotions because of their weight.

I hope people get smart and actually start researching before they get suckered!

He is dangerous for the weight loss industry and I hope he is out of it SOON.


I luv his fake reviews and they are soooooooo funny because his spelling and English skills pretty much suck. He is a funny man, funny like a clown man lol


I found my experience to be somewhat neutral and results very disappointing. I would not recommend


I was talking to some EX customers and they are down in Florida and said they have heard rumors of a bankruptcy filing because he is in a corner. I wonder how we are OUR $$$ BACK???!!??!!??!


These people are crooks!


I keep reading comments about a class action lawsuit. Does anyone have more info on how to join it?


Stand by for the info. I will post it tomorrow as it is a law firm in Boston that I heard about


Gracias for the review! I works very hard for my family and for monies and don't want to waste it


Don't waste your time and money with this. Very bad experience for me and my friend


Well, well, this got my attention. Guess it pays to google before you buy

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