Please read the documents downloaded from the US Middle Distrct of Florida Federal Court whereby Roca Labs and it's owner Don Karl Juravin admitted to their Gastric Bypass Alternative with no surgery products to be a total sham and hoax upon consumers. He admitted in court testimony that he had to "trick" his "fat customers " into buying his product.

He also was forced to admit that his product was basically useless because his "fat customers" were going to lose weight anyways if he could convince them to fast for 16 hours, drink a lot of water and excercise. He admitted to tricking them as you will see on the screen shots below to fake testimonials with YouTube and Vimeo channels, faked written blogs to support Facebook and google ads and fake customers giving testimonials in those videos. Additionally please note that he lied about having a medical background and scientific evidence backing up his claims. The only Doctor that worked for them was a disgraced pediatric neurologist who lost his license for possession of child *** and testified he never even tested or used Roca Labs product.

Now the Feds have Don Karl Juravin by the proverbial balls with a $25 million dollar personal judgement by noting in the screenshot provided. The US Government is holding him personally liable for all his scamming.

The IRS has a personal judgement on him as well for around $1 million dollars. Don't be another sucker and get taken by this guy who has zero medical training.

Reason of review: Scam on consumers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Roca Labs Cons: Don karl juravin lying, Withholding info on government indictments, Falsified reports, Fake products and fake reviews.

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He is a very bad guy. My husband loaned him money $750 k US) and we never got paid back.

We have hired a lawyer in Florida to try and recover the monies we loaned him. This man is nothing more than a con man.


As of today he is stillUp and now has decided to allow people to use there amazon pay to pay for his products and now also takes pay away plans so he gets more money faster . This man needs to be shut down


how do we stop him, he scammed me and is still doing it to hundreds of people a day on facebook


How many scams can this guy promote? It’s crazy as there is so much bad stuff about him online.


This joker is still around??!!??


yep he is scamming on facebook taking thousands from people


This old scam again?


Eh, good riddance as word on the street he has moved to Ireland to escape the IRS and FTC judgments against him. I think it’s funny as he can’t move back to israel because of his previous convictions and bankruptcies. Good luck Juravin/Jorbin!


He is getting ready to be sued by several women who worked for him for sexual harassment in addition to the police investigation into his various calls to various women in Central Florida asking them to talk to him whilst he pleasures himself. He is a truly disgusting person.


We have no info on a Tampa arrest, however multiple complaints were lodged against him in Orlando for harassing phone calls among other things to various woman complaining that he was calling them and being a bit *** with telephonic “requests” to them.


Has anyone heard about his recent arrest in Tampa for harassing people? If so, can someone please post the info?


He is a bankrupt fool. It would not surprise me if he bolts out of the country.


This guy Juravin is a total sociopath and outlandishly crazy. The Federal judge overseeing his case is holding him in contempt of court for lying and selling frozen assets. He will be in jail soon I suspect.


I used to work for this *** working in his cockroach and dog *** laden garage. I have hired legal counsel to sue him for sexual harassment as he used to ask me to dance for him just so I could get my lousy paycheck.

He would hold it in the air and laugh as every time I would try I would try and grab it, he would yank it back and tell me to dance for it or I could go out on a “date” with him. This *** bag would say this to me while his wife and children were in the house!


SUE HIM! I heard his wife is filing divorce anyways!


Sue this *** bag!


This guy is sooooooo bad


This guy is a morally and financially bankrupt *** bag who is a pathological liar. I would not recommend any contact what so ever as this piece of *** is toxic


Hes a disgusting, horrid person who cons vulnerable people, hides his business practices, silences by deleting or suing people that speak up about him. I feel so sorry seeing people seperate with their money with the promise of a 'Gods' cure


Total ***...he came into our restaurant in Orlando and started writing bad reviews on us which are not true. We think he trashed us to get the free meal as he was rude and abusive to our staff. Stay away from this *** bag.

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