Please read the documents downloaded from the US Middle Distrct of Florida Federal Court whereby Roca Labs and it's owner Don Karl Juravin admitted to their Gastric Bypass Alternative with no surgery products to be a total sham and hoax upon consumers. He admitted in court testimony that he had to "trick" his "fat customers " into buying his product.

He also was forced to admit that his product was basically useless because his "fat customers" were going to lose weight anyways if he could convince them to fast for 16 hours, drink a lot of water and excercise. He admitted to tricking them as you will see on the screen shots below to fake testimonials with YouTube and Vimeo channels, faked written blogs to support Facebook and google ads and fake customers giving testimonials in those videos. Additionally please note that he lied about having a medical background and scientific evidence backing up his claims. The only Doctor that worked for them was a disgraced pediatric neurologist who lost his license for possession of child *** and testified he never even tested or used Roca Labs product.

Now the Feds have Don Karl Juravin by the proverbial balls with a $25 million dollar personal judgement by noting in the screenshot provided. The US Government is holding him personally liable for all his scamming.

The IRS has a personal judgement on him as well for around $1 million dollars. Don't be another sucker and get taken by this guy who has zero medical training.

Reason of review: Scam on consumers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Roca Labs Cons: Don karl juravin lying, Withholding info on government indictments, Falsified reports, Fake products and fake reviews.

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Scammer from the word go


scammer Don Karl active on Upwork


just read this but i have just sent my payment in... what do i do now


Demand a refund!


Stop the credit card payment and cancel the order


LOL! This guy is done!

He lost to the US Government on Friday.

He is cooked and finally out of the business of ripping people off! google FTC vs Don Karl Juravin


i used to work for this dead beat and he still owes me for one months pay. When I kept calling him about picking up my check, he threatened to sue me saying that I was trying to extort money from him!

How F’d up is that.

So when I threatened to sue him he said he would counter sue and ruin me and my family. Stay away from this con game people, it’s not worth it.


Juravin is a joke in the weight loss industry and the FTC will shut him down soon. He will never survive the $ 27 million dollar judgement and the millions he owes the IRS.


To Jane below, this is definitely a real review. I used to work for Don Karl Juravin and he sued me for posting a complaint here on pissed consumer.

Look up Don Karl Juravin vs.

Jodie Barnes in Sarasota County Circuit Court in Florida. I also had to seek a couple of restraining orders against him for stalking me as well.This guy is a dangerous nut job who has Zero medical training and you must be careful about dealing with his shady company.




Fake Review and Fake Comments by same person


This product is very dangerous and it put my mom in hospital here in England. I would not recommend this scheme to anyone.


Dangerous company, dangerous products and dangerous advice. Be very, very careful folks.


This is crazy. I was a buyer and I am out after reading this.

How can the US govt. let this man get away with this???


I am Don Karl Juravin the AMAZING INVENTOR of the Gastric Bypass Alternative NO surgery invention. I am #1 Weight Loss Guru in all USA.

I make a demand to people’s writing these sayings online to make many laughs upon me and this you know writings of EXTORTION upon me. I was born in the Holy Land not far from where Jesus was born and this is place where I dreamt of my MIRACLE invention. These writings of EXTORTION are written by agents of the USA Federal Govarnments who are trying to BAN my MIRACLE invention. Theses agents of the USA government are harassing me and my family and are always following me wherever I go to destroy the GASTRIC BYPASS ALTERNATIVE MIRACLE which is a tasty misture.I Don Karl Juravin fight for truth for many peoples and USA agents for to bring this MIRACLES to you my loyal followers and I bring truth to light on the many conspiracyes against me and my followers who now number more than 80,000.

My flowers, pray for me as your leader to fight strongly against these EVIL AGENTS who want to harm me and you. Be strong my people


This is pathetic. This guy needs to be deported.


The Federal Judge in this case is ruling on him being held in criminal contempt of court for secretly disposing of assets that were ordered frozen. Someone told the prosecutor and he lied about it when asked....major problems come when you violate court orders and then lie about it!


Hello Tampa Lawyer, do you have any info on the sexual abuse and harassment lawsuits that have been brought against him by former employees?


Facebook is probably shutting him down as this scam has been reported tothem so many times. Between that and his bankruptcy, I think he will soon just start fading away.I just want my $ back!

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