Folks, the end on this internet scammer is finally coming nearer as last month Don Juravin aka Adi Jorbin (Convicted in Israel 2005) filed bankruptcy on his beloved and quite the scam front company, Roca Labs. Well, not so fast Juravin and your not so genius lawyer Glenn Ried of guys forgot that Juravin is being sued personally as well as all of his other bogus company fronts like Must Cure Obesity Co. and Roca Labs Nutriciticals, LLC. Guys, a little hint, Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors are not dumb people by any stretch, and oh, neither is the IRS. Their judgments extend to everything he owns and is connected with. They (Juravin & Glenn Reid) may have bought him a month or two of breathing room by filing this bogus bankruptcy filing, but Don Juravin aka Adi Jorbin; they have you by the balls and they will keep squeezing and people here in America are sick of being ripped off. Don’t pay for fake weight loss products any longer folks. Go see a professional instead of an internet C*N MAN with zero medical training who changes his name every time he gets convicted.
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We have heard that he may be leaving the country. Good riddance as far as we are concerned


After reading all of these reviews and seeing so many documents from the public record uploaded proves to me that I should stay away from buying into this SCAM!

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Freedom Fighter?

I saw a great blog written about don juravin. I searched him and saw a huge amounts of reviews about him at this site. I thought it made some great points, so I wanted to share it to everyone that has been following this. "Freedom Fighter" by donjuravinfacts, stated the following: Freedom fighter? You betcha. But not in the widely understood conventional sense. More like the opposite. Don Juravin actively fights AGAINST freedom. I recently received an email from an individual who saw one of my posts. Apparently, he (or she?) had written a more detailed response to Juravin’s stupid “PR” release, and attempted to get it released in the same manner Juravin did. After the release was distributed and resulting in web engines, the publishing website was sent a “court order” from Juravin, ordering them to take the post down. TEXTBOOK JURAVIN! Again, like he did/does with whistle blowers, customers, and anyone exposing him, he hides behind lawyers and litigation and uses these means to bully people. Just like with his “gag clauses”. For someone who pretends to be such a patriot, makes claims like “An American born in the Holy land”, he sure doesn’t understand the principles of FREEDOM of SPEECH. Even though HE uses that argument to defend his slandering of people and businesses. He fights freedom alright. P.S. Here is the link to the article that was suppressed.****38715.html
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This moron Don Juravin is going to need someone to help him not go to jail! Word on the stareet is that the US Attorneys office in Tampa is going to indict him but they want to see how the FTC case against him turns out.

IRS is on him as well. He told my friend he is trying to buy a home overseas and get the *** out of the US

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Don Juravin Continues Deceptions Amid FTC and IRS Investigations

While the FTC AND the IRS tighten the rope on Roca Labs, its owner, Don Juravin, and various other “entities” he creates, Juravin and his lawyer are hard at work to confuse, complicate, and continue to mislead onlookers. In a ridiculous attempt to “save face,” one of Don Juravin’s lawyers, Glenn Reid, posted an article in the style of a press release to at least two different public relations websites. As with most postings by Juravin and his cohorts, it is filled with fallacies, distractions, and complete delusion. Again, as with most posts by Juravin, it turns into an obvious sales pitch. I would like to address some of the claims, or inferences, this article contains and show how they are manipulative, misleading, or outright false. While I cannot cover every aspect I find absurd, I would like to point out the examples that I find offensive to anyone with any semblance of intelligence. First, the opening line, “Political persecution endangers future of the regimen that has, and is, saving thousands of lives. Inventor fights back praying for justice.” Right off the bat, the article positions itself as a victim caught in the sights of an evil, greedy branch of the government that wants to end a regimen that “saves lives” and frames it as “political persecution.” The subsequent paragraphs frame the FTC as a bully that intimidates businesses and is a “threat to the American dream.” It even goes as far as stating that the FTC is extorting the businesses it investigates. Secondly, the article tries to minimize the deceptions Juravin has been caught using. “The deception that the FTC claims are a video of a man in a lab coat and a caduceus symbol that was displayed on a website for few months in 2013. No customer complained about these “deceptions.” I find this comment mind-numbing. It admits a man in a lab coat (who turned out to be a FORMER doctor with no special experience with weight-loss, and never told Juravin he did) was endorsing the product “for few months,” and the only excuse or defense is “No customer complained about these “deceptions.” That’s the thing about deceptions. IF the customer was deceived, they wouldn’t know to complain. If the viewer was not deceived, they would not have become customers. Juravin also conveniently left out some of his worst deceptions, including faking and photoshopping celebrity endorsements, faking customer reviews, fake approvals from “medical directors” that don’t exist, and creating websites so that they appear to be third-parties endorsing his product. Don Juravin implies he took down the video of the fake Doctor, and that was it. But in reality, he continues using these tactics down to this day. On his website, he claims that his “[GBA] for Diabetes Type 1, Type 2, and Pre-Diabetic” has been officially APPROVED.” Yet, he offers NO information on who exactly “approved” his product. It even contains a disclaimer: “This is NOT a personal medical advice in any way but merely a general observation based on common medical knowledge and selected reports (posts) in Your doctor can answer you in more details (see list of active ingredients).” The post concludes with the ridiculous “sign off,” “Approved by medical director V1.0 22 May 2017.” Approved by “medical director”?? Who exactly? Completely absurd. These are the kind of warning signs fraud websites teach consumers to look for! The influence Juravin had over this article shows its arrogant head with the promotion of the ideas of Don Juravin as this blessed “inventor,” an “American born in the Holy land” (whatever that means), and that he is “fighting” the FTC, whom he views as a “legalized mafia.” In other posts you can find online, Juravin loves to prop himself up as some kind of “miracle worker” who is saving lives. There are numerous examples of this all over the internet. He always highlights customer’s comments like “Thanks Jesus and Don.” Don Juravin is also obsessed with calling himself “the inventor,” and a “guru.” So, what are his credentials? Don Juravin claims he went to Gonzaga, but has never provided any proof of medical training whatsoever. He is not a doctor. Or a nutritionist. Or even personal trainer. Or anything. Don Juravin has been drinking too much of his own Kool-Aid for far too long. Aside from the embarrassment of the things that I have highlighted, WHY has Juravin started a campaign against the FTC, attempting to de-legitimize their investigation? As attributed to his opponents in the article, “The answer is money.” It is estimated that Don Juravin made roughly $26,000,000 in the last 7-8 years from GBA. The FTC AND IRS (curiously excluded) are the ones who can take his money away and shut him down for good. And with the amount of evidence they have proving Juravin’s past and current deceptive practices, compounded by his OWN statements in his deposition, they will. They have already frozen his assets. It seems posts like these are his attempt to “go down swinging.” It’s ironic. The very intentions Juravin and his lawyer accused the FTC of are the EXACT reasons why he and Roca Labs are under the microscope. Juravin in under investigation for using deceptive business practices, faked endorsements, threats and lawsuits against unsatisfied customers, *** clauses, misleading advertising, and finally, the medical legitimacy and claims of the regimen itself! Throughout this entire ordeal, he has never presented any actual rebuttal or any tangible evidence to refute ANY of the FTC’s findings. His own medical experts agreed with the FTC’s conclusions! The fact of the matter is that Roca Labs and Don Juravin are in serious trouble. In the past, he has been able to weasel his way out of his lies, bullying, and harassment of others. That time has come to an end. One can just hope that he is put out of business soon, so he can no longer hurt or victimize anyone else. Note: While the preceding information is public knowledge and can be found in public record, the FTC and IRS investigations are still ongoing. All claims should be considered “allegations” until proven in a court of law. All viewpoints expressed are a matter of opinion.
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How has this post not gotten more traffic? I'll tell others to check this out.


Sorry Luke...I have been busy. Good post!


Good read. I will tell others about such deceit.


well done. he is a ***


Don Karl Juravin is a pathological liar and con artist. He deserves jail time for all of the scamming and hurting of innocent people.

I should know, I used to work representing him and he owes me personally a lot of money in unpaid legal fees that he said I did not deserve even though I worked the hours.

He was angry that he lost yet another court case. It’s tough to get a guilty person a win in court when it is so obvious to everyone around him how bad he is.


That’s a brave and rare comment...finally some admissions!


Hello, my wife is currently in need of legal assistance in regards to her employment with this disgusting pig Juravin. Please contact me at

She wanted me to specifically search for you because she remembered this post. thank you