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In all the rules and regulations. Deeply buried in the answer to question sections it fails to mention that it will cause problems with those with gluten sensitivity and other problems. I have been having horrible gas pains because of my allergies. And hidden deep in the writing they mention guarantees, but no returns. I paid the first payment, but I won't make the other 2.
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Don't ever trust scammers


I read this stuff is like bad jello and I am scared to use it


BEWARE!!! This product me ill, In the hospital.

God knows whats in this ***!! The won't let you cancel, they keep charging you!! SUPER SHADY business practices. They will not talk to you or discuss anything.

They tell you their Lawyers will sue you. This is the DIET MAFIA, I kid you not , I am scared to leave my name because of retaliation.

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Poor customer service
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Roca Labs - Shipping Service Review

My name is Denise Blackmon i place an order with your company when will i get it please and thank you i had to use my daughter email address and her address is blackmon031891@***.com just to place that order and my email address is mckelton_d@***.com
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Google Don Juravin a.k.a. Adi Juravin and Roca Labs. That will tell you everything about these nut cases


did u get it? how long did it take if you did???

i ordered mines and it said it will be here around jan 3rd but I saw that it was having a lot of back orders that could possibly take weeks. and I'm really just rambling to make 50 words to be able to post this comment, I just want to know the answer of the first two questions lol


Do NOT deal with this man! He called means for me to work for him and I didn't get my full pay! He talks down to women calls them *** and thinks he is a God please please please do not deal with him.

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Order processing issue

Roca Labs - Review in Weight Loss, Diets and Training category from Marietta, Georgia

GOVERNMENT ACTION On September 13, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission filed for an Asset Freeze Order against the company and its principals, Don Juravin and George Whiting. (Case Number 8:15-cv-2231-T-35TBM, filed in the United States District Court Middle District of Florida). The Order alleges that Mr. Juravin has attempted to conceal, dissipate, transfer, or dispose of assets owned, controlled or held by him or the other defendants by: -- instructing one of the agents to create a new company which is to provide purported computer programing services for defendants; -- depositing more than $50,000 of their assets in an account for this new created company even though any services it provided at the time were for only a fraction of that amount, and it had no written agreement to perform and services; -- instructing one of the agents to generate fictitious invoiced from this new company for purported computer programming services rendered; -- depositing $289,188 of the defendants assets into the new company's bank account as purported payment of the fictitious invoices with the expectation of reclaiming those funds at a later date; --instructing the agent to create an Ireland company and proposed that this agent travel to Ireland to create a bank account for the Ireland company; --proposed a fraudulent conveyance of title to a Mercedes Benz to the agent, while being in the defendants possession, with the expectation of reclaiming the title to the car at a later date; It is ordered that the company and its principals are preliminarily restrained and enjoined from: --Transferring, liquidating, converting, encumbering, pledging, loaning, selling, concealing, dissipating, disbursing, assigning, relinquishing, spending, withdrawing, granting a lien or security interest or other interest in, or otherwise disposing any funds, real or personal property, including vehicles, accounts, contracts, and shares of stock; --Opening or causing to be opened any safe deposit boxes, commercial mail boxes or storage facilities; --Obtaining a personal or secured loan; --Incurring liens or other encumbrances on real property, personal property; --Incurring charges or cash advances on any credit or bank card; --Cashing any checks from consumers, clients, or customers. The defendants deny any wrongdoing but in the interests of expediting resolution of the matter, they have agreed to the stipulate the terms of the asset freeze Order.
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Total *** this man. Not to be trusted at all.


Nice job on the review by this internet scammer Don Juravin... go to his LIVE Facebook talks that he still advertises for and ask him some really difficult questions about his past!


Google Roca Labs, Don Juravin a.k.a. Adi Juravin, that will tell you all you need to know


they are still selling. Who can I contact????


Does this mean that they can't solicit new customers and process payment?

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Marietta, Georgia

Roca Labs - Supplement Review from Pretoria, Gauteng