Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral

Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
Roca Labs "groups" are a CULT in a downward spiral
I am so ashamed that my friends are in this "cult" like group and have witnessed deplorable and demeaning messages sent to their group members. When memebers ask anything that to Don Karl Juravin, or the The Don as he calls himself; that don't fall in line with his sales pitch, he goes crazy and writes horrible things to these ladies who just want encouragement in their quest to achieve a healthy weight. I was so shocked when when I saw this, I then realized this group was in a "cult" like atmosphere, and they don't even realize it. Fortunately, it looks like my friends are bailing out, thank god based upon what they have seen. I have posted pics where he says he "conceived" this "miracle" in the Holy Land. I have also posted a pic as with "boot camp rules" and he talks about his studies of the Bible in Hebrew and somehow he can make them lose 50 pounds a month?? When someone says something demeaning or mean to me, I don't take that lightly. Some of these other people are too embarrassed and hurt to fight back. All he wants is to keep tapping their credit card or bank account, and they keep falling for it. Not me. I have posted some of these horrible exchanges as well as two pics from what I, and others considered very offensive from the Gastric Bypass Alternative website. All of these pics were gathered from their website in the public forums. Don't fall for this craziness and join their "cult". I thank for letting us get the truth out.
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He tried to get one of his old employees to wear a fat suit and pretend she lost her weight in advertisements. She blew the whistle on this guy, and he still is in the process of suing her.. L.o.s.e.r.


I thought these products were legit at first but then I started to really pay close attention!! You can fish out who gets paid to advertise to make The DON more money!

He belittles and puts down yet they praise him and thank him for what? Smh sad sad!!

Quit ripping good people off! You don't deserve that money!


So true! That's why I stopped paying good money for garbage! I lost my weight with diet and excercise...imagine that


I went on and looked at some of the people giving reviews because I was going to buy the product but in her previous pictures she was the same exact size for the past four years. So ya she was paid to advertise


Don Juravin is a conn man by his very nature. Don't trust him


I'm not in the program but have been following the results of the people and their postings. It's called a boot camp and for a reason!

They joined to lose weight and MANY of them are actually losing weight! You need to be tough on them if you want results. How do you think people in the military are treated during boot camp?

If their soft and easy on them they'll just turn out sissys and snowflakes. People need a kick in the *** every now and then to keep them going!


Yeah people need a kick in the *** as you say be he is just down right Disastrous!!!!! If you are truly encouraging someone and trying to continue to motivate them and others then he has no business going "OFF" on people all because they are not at their "healthy weight" yet!

I love to be encouraged instead is DIScouraged!!!

He is a predator and an online bully and money hungry if you are not one of his trolls and follow his every move and agree to his every quote! I can't believe people are so mesmerized by this manipulator.


These people are in a weird cult. Just read the stuff this guy says and which his *** videos.

I watched one where he said that only he unstands how his garbage works and not to worry about what was in it. He is a freak


We are not a cult in a downward spiral. We are a blessed and divine group that has a great leader who is named Don Karl Juravin.

Just because we have detractors to our following and the US Government is spreading lies, that doesn't mean ***. We are strong!


Yeah right! I've watched and listened and stayed behind the curtain!!

It is very CULT like and disturbing! Stop giving him your money!! That stuff is not safe in my opinion! Yes people have lost weight but there are also several people that have stomach issues (yes they drank plenty of water), complained of severe headache, vomitting and just overall sick!!

This is NOT right!! Stop supporting him...he's all about money and putting folks down

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